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Shroud GT-520
  • Shroud GT-520
  • Shroud GT-520
  • Shroud GT-520
  • Shroud GT-520
  • Shroud GT-520
  • Shroud GT-520
  • Shroud GT-520
  • Shroud GT-520
  • Shroud GT-520

Shroud GT-520

Code:Обечайка ГТ
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5100 UAH
Brand:Гранулятор ГТ
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
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Shroud GT-520

Shells for roller granulator HT-520 rifled or perforated, for the production of feed or fuel pellets of various types of raw materials.


Shell to press granulator GT-520 - Ø 250 mm.

  1. Shroud 250 \ 85 Threaded \ Perforated

    Shroud 250 \ 145 Threaded \ Perforated

  2. Under the order, according to your requirements.


So as we carry out repair and restoration of matrices granulators GT-420, GT-500, GT-520 et al., A period of 2-3 days

Cash or bank transfer. Operational send any carrier.


The roller is an important element of the pressing unit press granulyatorasyre entering the baling chamber is tightened between the die and rotating the pressing roller and pressed in radial holes matrices, where under application of high pressure is formed granules.



From the correct alignment gap between the die and rollers (rollers) depends on the performance of the press, as well as the service life of die and rollers.

We offer high quality made shells are made in accordance with GOST.



 Are manufacturer granulation lines granulators OGM-OGM-1,5 and 0,8 so as related equipment for the feed line portion granulation (drying plant AVM 0.65; AVM 1.5; AVM feeder (Lafet), hay chopper and a rotary straw, Crusher chip and sawdust, chipper).

Обеспечиваем производства бесперебойной поставкой изнашиваемых деталей (матриц, обечаек и другой механикой пресса - собственного производства) для грануляторов ОГМ (ОГМ-1,5; ОГМ-0,8), ДГВ (Б6-ДГВ, ДГ-1), ГТ (ГТ-420, ГТ- 500, ГТ-520) и др. (Kahl, Munch, Matador, CPM, GT, ДГВ, Buhler, Granit, La Meccanica, Nova Pellet, Giuliani, Mabrik, Muyang, Paladin, Promill, Salmatec, Stolz, Van Aarsen).

Осуществляем реставрацию как кольцевых матриц так и плоских. 

Помощь в ремонте и обслуживании гранулятора, линии гранулирования.

Brand:Гранулятор ГТ
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 26.03.2020
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